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Nation Institute of Christ was founded by Abiyah Adoniah of Inside The Nation Radio. The goal and mission is to help wake up as many of our brothers and sisters possible. We teach our people people to keep the laws of the Most High God Yahawah and keep the faith in his son Yahawashi who the entire world know as Jesus Christ. For far too long the Christian Church has been the main organization in our communities but it has failed to elevate our people in knowledge teach us that we are actually the TRUE CHILDREN of Israel. The time has come for us to learn the truth of the bible and know and understand the coming savior is not the white male that has been taught to our people. The son of the Highest looks just like our people and he is described as such in the bible. We are teaching our people how to truly be in communion with the Most High God Yahawah and we are also erasing the lies that has been indoctrinated into our people.

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