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I'm a wife and mother of four children who can relate to hair loss because I lived with it for over 20 years (after having my first child). I've been on every hair loss forum, tried every hair loss product given by my dermatologist, I've tried the over the counter products, all natural concoctions, the various hair growth exercises, and used multiple hair gadgets without success. My failed attempts led me to created an oil that has given my hair a new lease on life that I've shared with others locally and now expanding to all on Etsy to experience the same. I hope the oil is a blessing to you as it's been for myself and others who use it.

Concentrated hair growth oil - 3
Sizes .5 $20 | 1 oz $40 | 2 oz $60

Beard Balm


Max hair growth oil:
Over 30 nutrient PACKED Herb and Oil Blend:


Light Scalp Oil